Promoter: OLSPS International Unipessoal, Lda.


Universidade do Algarve

Imenco, A.S.

EEA Grants: 408.581,00€

Total Amount: 480.684,00€



The need to collect, manage and report data in the modern maritime era has become paramount to aid a better understanding of the marine environment and ensure that fishing operations are effectively monitored and managed for a sustainable future. Whilst the ocean offers an enormous amount of observational data for extensive gathering and utilization, harnessing this available data is largely compromised with the fishing industry remaining characterized by manual and handwritten data collection processes.

The main objective of the EMREP project is to use Olrac electronic fisheries daily technology in conjunction with video surveillance systems to improve fishing data collection. The processing of this data in an automatic way will allow a rapid communication of information about the fishing captures and effort made, increasing the knowhow of the state of resources and, in turn, allowing fishing managers to make more informed decisions.

This solution, deployed and specifically modified to fit the Portuguese commercial fishing fleet, promises to address the high demand for fisheries data collection. By modernizing data management systems, it will also allow to address the problem of by-catches and promote sustainable fishing practices in Portugal.