Fishers for the Future

Fishers for the Future

Promoter: Associação Natureza Portugal


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EEA Grants: 61.296,05€

Total Amount: 72.113,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0111



The project aims to train fishermen to be marine sustainability entrepreneurs, that are aware of the importance of their role in the management of common resources, and knowledgeable about the natural and local values that sustain their activity. In this way we will be able to reduce the fisheries environmental impacts at sea, by at the same time as it ensures decent income and remains the social and identity matrix of coastal communities.

The project intends to contribute to making fishermen informed actors in the defense of the sea, the common good that sustains us all and with which they have a daily and deep connection, through the development of training actions in blue literacy.

The training contains 5 modules with a total duration of 20 hours, adapted to the reality of the Lower Tagus Estuary, and which focus on themes such as the functioning of marine ecosystems, the need to protect certain species and ecosystems, notions of good fishing practices, and financial management and entrepreneurship for fishermen, as well as new technologies, more power in taking and better organization at the level of associations and intervention in the market.

The project will also gather fishermen's local ecological knowledge about species and habitat dynamics, as well as exotic or invasive species; and about the good practices/examples of entrepreneurship that are already part of its activity, in order to develop innovative and sustainable ideas that can be put into practice by the fishermen themselves.