Mobile Station

Mobile Station

Promoter: Flying Sharks - Consultoria e inovação, Lda.


DKM Control, Lda.

MFRI - Marine and Freshwater Research Institute of Iceland

EEA Grants: 313.477,00€

Total Amount: 368.796,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0011



This project aims to build a transport unit – consisting of an isothermic temperature controlled 40 feet shipping container – which will allow to hold and move marine fish and invertebrates over long-term periods. Given its long-term scope, this unit was rebaptized to “mobile station”, as it will allow (literally) the Flying Sharks operation center to be moved anywhere in the world by sea and/or road.

The equipment’s chosen for water filtration and monitoring will make this the most sophisticated unit of its kind in the world, being able to be replicated and sold to public aquariums and/or aquaculture facilities. Such details include, among others, remote monitoring of water quality parameters and the animals themselves.