Promoter: Sparos, Lda.


Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, I. P.

SEAentia-food, Lda.

Institute of Marine Research

University of Bergen

EEA Grants: 848.763,00€

Total Amount: 998.545,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0099



The NoviFEED project aims to develop innovative IT tools to address one of the main challenges faced by the aquaculture industry nowadays – feeding optimization – with the aim of contributing to a more sustainable growth of the industry. The main objectives of the project are:

  • Study the effects of dissolved oxygen and feed composition on the feed intake, nutrient utilization and growth of Atlantic salmon and meagre.
  • Develop, apply and launch in the market two innovative IT tools, FEEDNETICS and FiT feeding tables, to optimize feed management operations of Atlantic salmon and meagre.


All partners are expected to benefit from this project. SPAROS will benefit by improving two of its commercial products for new species, thereby expanding its target markets. IPMA, IMR and UiB will benefit by creating new knowledge on fish nutrition. SEAentia will benefit from optimizing its production practices through the application of IT tools to its production system. The complementary expertise brought by this partnership is an added value for all partners. In short, we highlight the strong scientific background of SPAROS in fish nutrition and mathematical modelling, as well as its good positioning within the European aquaculture market, the large set of valences and expertise of IPMA, IMR and UiB in conducting research in fish nutrition, as well as the access to their own well-equipped research stations, and the pioneering vision of SEAentia in producing an emerging fish species with great marketing potential in a novel and sustainable way.