Promoter: Phytoalgae, Lda.


Universidade da Madeira

EEA Grants: 109.744,00€

Total Amount: 129.111,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0059



The PhytoBlueFrac project aims to develop new food supplements from the biomass of microalgae, namely the derivatives of its lipid fraction. These compounds are known for their high antioxidant capacity, and its production and enhancement can be modelled according to the cultivation conditions.

Thus, the microalgae will be cultivated in low-cost planar photobioreactors, in which the nutrients made available in the cultivation will be the target of an optimization process. The subsequent extraction of bioactive compounds will be carried out by a fractionation methodology, which allows them to be extracted until the biomass is completely exhausted, monetizing their production, and reducing associated costs.

This process will lead to nutraceutical food supplements, natural and biological, manufactured to provide a superior and differentiated quality level, and with a high market value, due to its outstanding biological capacity for prevention and treatment of some diseases affecting the world population.