SB Oceans - Junior Edition

SB Oceans - Junior Edition

Promoter: Biorumo - Consultoria em Ambiente e Sustentabilidade, Lda.


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EEA Grants: 20.613,00€

Total Amount: 24.250,00€

Grace Code: PT-INNOVATION-0047



SB Oceans - Junior Edition aims to develop an environmental awareness campaign focused on the themes of the Ocean and blue economy, providing a stage for the discussion of the importance of Ocean conservation, and encouraging citizens, policy makers and economic actors to become drivers of change in supporting the protection and sustainable use of marine resources. It intends to achieve greater involvement of higher education students in preserving the Ocean, as well as spark the interest in pursuing careers related to its sustainability.


Project activities include:

  • Organization of a webinar considering several topics related to marine ecosystems and the blue economy.
  • Publication of digital content and activities: an educational e-book dedicated to the Sea and the Ocean, a contest of original phrases and curiosities about the environment and sustainability.
  • Organization of a beach cleaning action.