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The main goal of SmartBlueChain project is the development of an innovative certification process, through the creation of an open and decentralized market of Transparent and Comprehensible Certification of Sustainable Products, directed to the agri-food products in the blue economy sector. 

This certification process aims to increase the added value of these products, resulting in increased competitiveness of Portuguese companies in this sector. SmartBlueChain will provide a marketplace on the supply side, allowing producers, suppliers, distributors, and certifiers to transact evidence on the sustainability of their products and operations, so that consumers can choose products they trust, through their auditability.

Companies will have access to a mechanism that will allow them to certify their suppliers, based on several dimensions, providing evidence of good commercial and social practices that consumers value and that contribute to competitive differentiation. The result of this certification will be a set of user-friendly badges, which will be made available in an authenticated way in retailers’ online channels and in offline channels via forms of labelling and packaging verifiable by the end consumer.