Promoter: Município de Esposende


Agrupamento de Escolas António Correia de Oliveira

Agrupamento de Escolas António Rodrigues Sampaio

EAmb - Esposende Ambiente, EM - Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda.

EEA Grants: 21.250,00€

Total Amount: 25.000,00€



TransFORMAR project aims to contribute to greater knowledge of the impacts on the Ocean, resulting from human activities, and consequently, to individual and collective commitment to mitigating the problems that affect water bodies. It also intends to favor and consolidate the feeling of belonging to the natural heritage and the acknowledgment of the importance of preserving marine habitats, increasing the active involvement of citizens in general and, specifically the youngers towards the Ocean.


Project activities include:

  • Design and creation of a fairytale for children and young people about the threats and risks to the marine environment, with particular attention to the reality of the North Coast Marine Park and its biodiversity, as well as the problems that put into jeopardy the balance of the Ocean: pollution, over-exploitation of resources, global warming, habitat destruction, environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and introduction of exotic species.
  • Creation of a set of sound narratives and dramatization of the fairytale to publish a podcast.
  • Dramatization of the fairytale and adaptation to a play.
  • Presentation of the play to students of the schools from the Municipality of Esposende.