On Board Meeting of Culture Programme

On Board Meeting of Culture Programme

The Directorate General for Cultural Heritage promoted the On Board Meeting under the Call "Local Development for Safeguarding and Revitalizing Coastal Cultural Heritage".

The meeting was held in September 12th  and 13th 2019, at the National Coach Museum in Lisbon and Sesimbra, with the objective of promoting bilateral partnerships, through the identification of common goals and opportunities for the development of new projects.

The opening session was attended by the Director of the Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage, Paula Araújo Silva, Coordinator of the National Management Unit of EEA Grants Portugal, Susana Ramos, and Norwegian Ambassador in  Lisbon, Anders Erdal.

In order to promote reflection and debate of creative ideas, the On board Meeting had as its first session the presentation of experiences and good practices of all three countries, Portugal, Iceland and Norway, on the role of Cultural Heritage in social and economic revitalization of local communities.

A Pitching session followed, in which participants had the opportunity to present their project ideas and relevance to partnerships. The videos will be available soon at this website. Throughout the day the meeting created several matchmaking moments, associated to heritage visits.

On the second day, the participants visited the Santiago Fortress of Sesimbra, where the Maritime Museum is installed, with the presence of the Mayor of Sesimbra and the Director of the DGPC.

This visit was equally fruitful for the strengthening and building of partnerships, inspiring participants with testimonies of community members and their life experiences in the fishing activity, and a demonstration of the practice of Xávega Art, locally designated as chincha.

The Directorate General for Cultural Heritage, as Programme Operator, was supported by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the Icelandic Center for Research and the Maritime Museum of Sesimbra, for the organization of the meeting.

The meeting had a total of 78 participants from several entities, ranging from local, regional and central government, universities, consulting companies for the cultural sector, tourism companies, as well as foundations and cultural associations, of the three countries.

The participants' motivation and involvement in the matchmaking sessions resulted in a number of project ideas and partnership opportunities, which makes this meeting a success for the programme objectives.

See here the best moments of the meeting.


Paula Silva - Director-General of Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage

Susana Ramos - National Focal Point

Kristin Eliassen, Directorate for Cultural Heritage of Norway

Geir Tvedt, Directorate for Cultural Heritage of Norway 

Anniken Førde, UiT the Arctic University of Norway

Egill Thor Nielsson, Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannís)

Teresa Albino, Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage