Call#5 – Projects for climate change-related extreme weather preparedness and risk management

Through this Program, projects in specific depressed, interior and forests territories in Portugal, considered highly vulnerable to climate change, will be financed.

To ensure that the specific territorial characteristics are fully contemplated, this present Call is organized in 3 priority areas:

A. Resilience of forest and burned areas;

B. Resilience of the productive systems at oak trees agro-forests and grazing areas;

C. Resilience of productive systems;


Eligible entities

Public or private entities, commercial or non-commercial, and non-governmental organizations legally established as legal persons in Portugal are considered eligible.

Available Fund


Grant Rates

The eligible costs of the selected project shall be financed up to 85%, except when the entities that promote the project are non-governmental organizations, hereafter referred as NGOs, or social partners in accordance with article 1.6 (n and y) of the “Regulation on the implementation of the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism 2014-2021”, in which case eligible costs shall be financed up until a maximum rate of 90%.

Minimum Grant Amount for each project


Maximum Grant Amount for each project


Duration of Projects

18 months


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Relevant Documents (Read Carefully)

You may consult here the approved projects list.

Documents for the application stage

Final Report

Budget [fill in the platform]
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Declaration of Liability [fill in the platform]
Partnership agreement

State Aid Assessment


Elegible Regions

Documents after project approval

Advance payment request
Annex 16 - ROC Declaration
Annex 17 - List of documents of expense
Annex 20 - Project Dossier
Project contract

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