Small Grants Scheme #1 – Projects to prevent and raise awareness to reduce marine litter

The projects selected under this Call will contribute to increase the application of circular economy principles through the reduction of contribution from land-based sources of marine plastic littering.

This Call aims to finance projects that focus on the priority areas for the reduction of plastics in the oceans and the promotion of awareness of the challenges related to plastics in the oceans and the proposal of solutions.

Eligible applicants

Public or private, commercial or non-commercial entities and non-governmental organisations legally established in Portugal are considered eligible.

Eligible partners

Project partner shall be any public or private entity, commercial or non-commercial, along with NGOs that have been legally established as a legal person in the donor states, in the beneficiary countries, as long as it has a border in common with the beneficiary state, or any international organization that is actively involved in implementing the proposed project.

Available Fund


Grant Rates

The eligible costs of the selected projects will be funded up to a maximum rate of 80%, except in cases where the project promoters are non-governmental organisations (NGO), or social partners, where the funding of the eligible costs will be 90%.

Minimum Grant Amount for each project


Maximum Grant Amount for each project


Duration of Projects

Projects should include the bathing season in order to maximise their impact within 18 months. Final date of eligibility is 30 April 2024.

Innovative and structuring projects will be financed in the areas of Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy, with the objective of promoting good environmental status of ecosystems and reducing the adverse effects of pollution and other human activities.

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