(Des)Construir para a Economia Circular holds Closing Event for the Project

(Des)Construir para a Economia Circular holds Closing Event for the Project

The Environment Program, represented by Susana Escária, Director of the Environment General Secretariat's Prospective and Planning Services, participated in the Final Event of the (Des)Construir para a Economia Circular project, which took place in Beja, on December 13th.

The final event of the project (Des)Construir para a Economia Circular took place today at the Polytechnic Institute of Beja.

The event was also attended by Fernando Romba, First Secretary of CIMBAL (Intermunicipal Community of Baixo Alentejo), the project promoter, Mário Ramos, from FCT Nova, Cristina Rocha, from LNEG - National Laboratory for Energy and Geology, Pedro Sobral from RESIALENTEJO - Treatment and Recovery of Waste, E.I.M and Rosa Onofre, Director of Spatial Planning Services of CCDR-Alentejo (Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Alentejo).

Throughout the session it was possible to understand the main objectives met by the project and understand the regional strategy developed for the reuse of construction products and components, as well as the recycling of construction and demolition waste (CDW). An initiative that will reduce the environmental impact of construction and promote its circularity in that region.

The General Secretariat of Environment is the manager of the Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy Program, of the EEA Grants and supports 10 projects under Notice #2 - Projects for the promotion of Circular Economy in the Construction Sector.