The types of incentives for the Oeste + Recicla project

The types of incentives for the Oeste + Recicla project

The objective of the Oeste + Recicla Project consists in the implementation of a system for depositing and returning plastic bottles in all Municipalities in the West Region based on a refund system

The project is based on the implementation of a deposit refund system for bottles of non-reusable drinks that will increase the recycling rate of plastic packaging for consumer products, contributing to the objectives of the MFEE 2014-2021, of the Environment Program and for the goals outlined in national policies in conjunction with local and regional strategies.

The incentive system consists of the awarding of an incentivr to the final consumer for the return of non-reusable plastic beverage packaging, to guarantee its forwarding for recycling and the production of high quality recycled, compatible with the requirements necessary for the incorporation in the production of new beverage bottles, promoting the maximization of the circularity of the recovered materials.

The refund system in the Western Region will be carried out through three types of incentives:

  • Contribution to the use of public transport, namely social passes
  • Contribution to the use in supermarkets, particularly in department stores
  • Contribution to the donation to associations that support environmental sustainability and social inclusion

More details about the project can be found here.

The Environment Programme supports this project within the scope of the Call#1, which aims to finance projects that focus on priority areas for reducing plastics in the oceans and promoting awareness of the challenges related to plastics in the oceans and proposing solutions.

Under the EEA Grants 2014-2021, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as donor Countries, finance, in 15 Member States of the European Union, initiatives and projects with the objective of reducing social and economic disparities by strengthening bilateral relations with beneficiary Countries.

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