Promoter: Zero Associação Sistema Terrestre Sustentável



- VT MAR, unipessoal, Lda

- C4P – Correio de Proximidade, unipessoal Lda

- Câmara Municipal de Sintra

- Faculdade de Arquitetura - Centro de Investigação em Arquitetura, Urbanismo e Design (CIAUD)


EEA Grants: 525 379,71

Total Amount: 785 980,63

Grace Code: PT-ENVIRONMENT-0050


Urban service logistics includes operations such as the delivery and collection of goods, the processing of waste and also services involving couriers, such as readings on utility meters. The inefficiencies of this process impose more pressure on urban areas, which translates into a significant impact on carbon emissions. In the case of the municipality of Sintra carbon emissions resulting from urban logistics is estimated at 94,000 tonCO2 / year.

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