bridGEs team hosted by its international partner KUN Centre for Equality and Diversity

Bridges Kun Conteudo

Between 20 and 23 June, bridGEs team was hosted by its international partner KUN Centre for Equality and Diversity in Kristiansand, southern Norway.
According to international rankings, Norway is at the forefront in terms of gender equality and quality of life, which greatly contributes to the country's strong economic growth. Nevertheless, it still has challenges to overcome, particularly in this region of the territory.
The visit aimed at sharing experiences, instruments and methodologies of assessment and intervention in the scope of gender equality, work-life balance and inclusion of diversity in work organisations.
Visit’s program presented by KUN Center for Equality and Diversity included the presentation of “Equal working life certification programme” as well as several meetings with enterprises and public organizations with good practices in this field.
Patricia Hartmann, project leader of “Equal working life certification programme”, intended for both public and private enterprises, refers that the project, which is developed and implemented by civil society organizations, aims to contribute to a greater degree of equality and diversity in the workplace through active and systematic effort of organizations.
Kristiansand Municipality, Kristiansand Chamber of Commerce and Agder Energi are organizations that implemented this certification programme. They shared with us the challenges they have faced, the results, what’s yet to achieve and, most importantly, their motivation in this path to gender equality and diversity.
BridGEs – Alto Minho Companies for Gender Equality, promoted by Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education of University of Porto and operated by the Commission for Citizenship and for Gender Equality, is a project of the Work-Life Balance Programme of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism - EEA Grants.