bridGEs training course: tools to analyse gender inequalities in organisations

Bridges Training EN C

bridGEs project will start its first training course addressed to companies and organisations from Alto Minho at the end of April.

In this stage, the aim is to increase organisations' knowledge on gender equality, work-life balance, and diversity and to build practical tools to analyse inequalities in these dimensions.

The training course is addressed to human resources professionals, company and institution managers, technical staff from business associations, trade unions or similar, managers, other professionals, and students whose area of work may have an impact on the introduction or consolidation of the gender, work-life balance and diversity perspective in organisations.

Sessions will take place online, through the zoom platform, after working hours.

Details of the training course can be found here and pre-registrations should be registered using this form.


BridGEs – Alto Minho Companies for Gender Equality, promoted by Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education of University of Porto and operated by the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality, is a project of Work-life Balance Programme of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism - EEA Grants