Cim Cávado promotes webinar for the presentation of the “Cávado + equal” project

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The Cávado Intermunicipal Community (CIM Cávado) will promote on April 15th, at 10 am, a Webinar to present the Project “Cávado + Igual”, an EEA Grants Project, under the Work-life Balance Programme, operated by CIG

This Project is carried out close in cooperation with its associated Municipalities and the partnership with the scientific entity ISCTE – Instituto Universitário Lisbon, through the Research Unit, Center for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-ISCTE) and the international partner KUN Center for Equality and Diversity in Norway.

"Cávado + Equal", promoted by CIM Cávado, assumes the municipal and sub-regional commitment to the promotion of Equality and Conciliation through the diagnosis of the policies available in the municipalities' actions and the adoption of measures promoting healthier, more equal, and conciliatory working environments.

In this sense, the project foresees the elaboration of

  • six Diagnoses and Municipal Programs for Equality and Conciliation;
  • one Intermunicipal Strategic Document for Equality and Conciliation
  • one Guide to Good Municipal Practices.

This project has a cost of 226.077,00 euros, 100% financed by the EEA Grants Financial Mechanism.

In the Webinar Presentation of the Project "Cávado + Equal", with the participation of Rosa Monteiro, Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality, Sandra Ribeiro, President of CIG and the Coordinator of the National Management Unit of EEA Grants Portugal, Susana Ramos, the general lines of the project, the activities to be developed and the results to be achieved will be presented.

Recognizing the importance of integrating the dimension of gender equality and citizenship practices in the local public administration, Ricardo Rio, President of the Cávado Intermunicipal Community, highlights “the contribution of these projects to the achievement of the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, of the UN, namely concerning SDG 5 – Gender Equality, in that a concrete and fundamental step is taken to promote healthier, egalitarian and conciliatory working environments, which guarantee, unequivocally, equality between men and women and reconciliation. ”

Participation is free but subject to prior registration until April 12, 2021, through the following link:

For more information about the project see the page: