GendER@UC EEAGrants promotes a Workshop on Inclusive and Gender Sensitive Communication

Workshop Inc Uc Cont

A Workshop on Inclusive and Gender Sensitive Communication takes place on the 27th of February at 2:00pm at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research under GendER@UC EEAGrants.

This Workshop aims to:

  • raise awareness and sensitise on the production of content with inclusive language;
  • ensure the representativeness of men and women in equal roles;
  • counteract negative gender stereotypes;
  • publicise gender equality practices.


  • Why? The relevance of inclusive communication in Higher Education and Research; Resistance to adopting the inclusive language.
  • What and when? Concept, domains and areas of use of inclusive communication in an academic context.
  • Strategies and practices of communication (verbal and visual) that are sensitive to gender, ethnic gender, ethnic, cultural and other particular conditions.

Registration until 22nd February (limited to 30 people)
More information here.

The GendER@UC EEA Grants project, promoted by the University of Coimbra, is funded by the Work-life Balance Programme.