Launch Session of the project "Multiversity – White Paper on Multiple and Intersectional Discrimination"

Multiversidade Conteudo

The project «Multiversity – White Paper on Multiple and Intersectional Discrimination» intends to build a scientifically supported recommendation, based on multidisciplinary knowledge, to level and harmonize antidiscrimination protections in Portugal, considering sequential, additive and intersectional multiple discrimination.

The focus will be on discrimination based on sex, ethnic-racial origin, sexual orientation and gender identity, and disability, also taking into account the specific socioeconomic consequences of each type of discrimination.

The goal is to produce an integrated and coherent system, that levels protections against discrimination based on all the discrimination grounds, and that also includes protections against multiple and intersectional discrimination.

This project is funded by the EEA Grants, within the Work-life Balance Programme, with the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality as Programme Operator. It is promoted by NOVA School of Law within the activity of NOVA Knowledge Centre for Data-Driven Law.

The Launch Session will take place on 31 October 2022 at NOVA School of Law, Room 7.

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