Multiversity Project will showcase preliminary findings

Multi Inter Cont

The Multiversity Project is focused on developing a comprehensive and unified system that aims to establish equal protections against discrimination across various categories such as ethnic-racial origin, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, and disability. This includes addressing multiple and intersectional forms of discrimination.

To generate well-informed recommendations, the project's diverse team has undertaken several activities in recent months. These include conducting a thorough analysis of the legal and institutional framework pertaining to discrimination in Portugal. Additionally, they have examined the legal and institutional frameworks of several European countries, with a particular focus on Norway. Furthermore, the team has engaged in fieldwork, involving consultations with various stakeholders such as Portuguese NGOs, Public Entities, Trade Unions and Employers' Confederations, European Entities, and subject matter experts in the fields of law and equality.

The Intermediate Workshop will showcase preliminary findings based on the empirical data collected during the project's initial nine months of implementation. Within this framework, the workshop will deliberate on the most effective legal and institutional responses to the various forms of discrimination and their intersections. This will involve evaluating the feasibility of establishing a new law that encompasses all categories of discrimination, including multiple discrimination. Additionally, the workshop will explore the potential for instituting institutional reforms and promoting affirmative action measures within the private sector.