Municipal transformation: online trainings enable more inclusive municipal action

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The West Intermunicipal Community is dedicated to promoting equality between women and men at the local level through the Oeste + Igual Project. Throughout February and March, free online training sessions will be conducted, aimed at raising awareness and equipping members of the municipal executive and municipal technicians with the importance of the gender perspective in critical areas of local life such as education, health, and social action.

The primary goal is to foster reconciliation between professional, family, and personal life, incorporating a sensitive approach to gender and social inequalities in everyday activities. The training will be structured into four modules: Mainstreaming from the perspective of gender equality, People management, Training and employment, Education, and Violence at work.

Module Calendar:

Mainstreaming Module:
- Group 1: February 19th and 20th
- Group 2: February 21st and 22nd
- Group 3: February 23rd and 26th
- Group 4: February 27th and March 1st

People Management Module:
- Group 1: March 4th and 5th
- Group 2: March 6th and 7th

Education Module:
- Group 1: March 11th
- Group 2: March 13th
- Group 3: March 14th

Violence at Work Module:
- Group 1: March 18th
- Group 2: March 19th
- Group 3: March 20th

The target audience includes employees and agents of central, regional, and local administration, teachers, researchers, and trainers involved with issues of local government and urban planning. Participation in the training is free, and upon completion, trainees will receive a training certificate, with the hours counted towards mandatory annual training. Registration is open and can be done online on the OesteCIM website, at This OesteCIM initiative presents an opportunity for public sector professionals in the West Region to deepen their knowledge about gender equality and acquire skills to promote a more inclusive and equitable society.