Oeste + Igual Project kick-off meeting

Kick Off Oeste Mais Igual En

On the 29th of January, at 11:00 am, will take place the kick-off meeting of the Oeste + Igual Project - Pilot Project for the Implementation of Gender Equality Policies and Reconciliation of Professional, Family and Personal Life, developed under the Work-life Balance Program, financed by EEA Grants and managed by the CIG.

Due to the context of the pandemic and consequent restrictions, the event will have a digital component with streaming.

With OesteCIM as a promoter and the Center for Gender and Equality (Norway) as a project partner, this project aims to promote the sharing of experience and good practices between the partner and the intercity structure of OesteCIM in order to design effective policies that meet the needs identified, optimizing the use of resources and constantly measuring the impact of the implemented measures.

The Oeste + Igual project starts with a kick-off meeting that will present the Project, its objectives, activities, and next steps and will involve the Project team from Portugal and Norway, the OesteCIM Executive, the Municipal Executives, and the Municipal focal points, allowing to address commitments in a coordinated, collaborative and integrated way.

The project is financed by the EEA Grants under Open Call # 5 - Projects to promote equality between women and men at the local level, under the Work-life Balance Program, with a total cost of 249 857.74 euros, of which the component financed by the EEA Grants is EUR 249 857.74.