OESTE + IGUAL Project promotes Online Training for Students

Oeste Estudantes Conteudo

As part of the OESTE+ IGUAL project, an online training course for students took place on June 5, 2023, with 15 participants, including some classes from schools in the West Region.

Several topics were addressed, namely:

  1. Vocational Choices Free of Gender Conditioning;
  2. Current Scenario and Labor Market;
  3. Stereotypes and Biases;
  4. Promoting Change.

The training started with clarification about the definition of gender equality, which, contrary to what is often thought, this concept does not mean that women want to assume positions of superiority in relation to men, but of equality.

The fact that certain professions characteristic of genders are assigned was also addressed, with gender representation existing in vocational areas.

Bias was also one of the topics discussed, since they are prejudices incorporated into our daily lives, which materialize as patterns of actions and social judgments that are repeated automatically, based on collective thinking and previous individual experiences.

In vocational choices, sometimes there are stereotypes associated with bias, such as salaries; professional courses in which the IT area tends to have more male than female students, among others.

Thus, Stereotypes appear as a prejudice in the form of an unjustified negative attitude towards people in a certain group, that is, an automatic response to stimuli that we sometimes do not realize, not happening rationally.

The training ended with a reflection on how to promote change, in which various behaviors and attitudes were addressed that can be modified in the sense of greater equality between all men and women.