Project Participo! promotes Webinar "Men's Participation in the fight for gender equality"

Webinar Masc Conteudo

On March 17, at 6:30pm (Lisbon Time), the Project Participate! will host a Webinar: "Men's Participation in the fight for gender equality", a joint organization with the community MenTalks.

It will be moderated by Ana Luísa Abreu from the Marvel Project of the Plano i Associacion and with the speakers Ricardo Higuera from MenTalks Community, Inês Machado from the HeForShe Porto Movement and Vanise Lima from the Project Ser Humano na Igualdade.

During the conversation, male representation will be addressed and how the deconstruction of gender stereotypes favours participation and mitigates gender inequalities.

The Webinar is open and free, but registration is required, through the email: