Promova Project begins cross mentoring

Promova Croos Mentoring C

On February 26, the EEA Grants Promova Project will enter its last phase. Cross mentoring. A matching event will be held where mentors and mentees will finally meet.

To strengthen the relations within the EEA Grants network were invited to intervene in this Matching event, which will be presented by António Saraiva, from CIP, Taran Knustad, representative of the Norwegian partner of the Program, and Sandra Ribeiro, President of the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG), Operator of the Work-life Balance Programme.

Cross-mentoring is another fundamental part of Promova with a double objective: for the participant, it’s a unique opportunity to share her professional projects with a board of directors of another company and for mentors, it is also an opportunity to share knowledge not only with your mentee but also with other mentors in relation to themes and experiences that will enrich everyone.
This group of 32 female talents in leadership positions in their organizations are women who are already contributing to reduce the gender inequality gap, and some of these women have even been promoted!

The Mentoring process will take place until next July when the 1st edition of the Promova Project will be closed.

Promova Project is developed within the scope of a Pre-Defined Project (PDP) of the Work-Life Balance Program, managed by CIG, and financed by EEA Grants Portugal.