FILMar: Digitization of film heritage


Promoter: Cinemateca Portuguesa – Museu do Cinema


Norwegian Film Institute of Oslo

EEA Grants: 981.324,81

Total Amount: 981.324,81


The project medium/long terms goals are:

  • To bring to light moving images currently resting in the vaults of the Cinemateca Portuguesa-Museu do Cinema as 35mm, 16mm, and other analogue formats;
  • To increase accessibility to film cultural heritage as a way of contributing to a better understanding of national history, traditions, and identity;
  • To stimulate the use of the digitized film heritage by different entities at a local level (cinema clubs, schools, artistic entities, etc. ...)

Cinemateca will be able to better engage in all the phases of the digitization process, to make a relevant and culturally valuable film heritage accessible and to create a new and sustainable relationship with the Norwegian Film Institute of Oslo in what concerns the knowledge about Norwegian and Portuguese cinema that nowadays do not have an expression in each country.

Project components:

  • Digitization planning, preparation and best practice: the project coordination will include the coherent selection of content to be digitized, acquisition of digitization equipment and supplies, as well as human resources for the repair work;
  • Dissemination and awareness: FILMar will seek the establishment and development of contacts with other Portuguese entities in order to promote the use of the digitized holdings for local and decentralised film programmes presentation. This component is needed to foster collaboration and understanding on the project, thus understood as both knowledge and creation platform, and its outcomes. 
  • Knowledge-exchange programme with 2 seminars to be held in Norway, about the dissemination and distribution of film heritage, and the historic cultural value of the sea, both in Norway and Portugal;
  • Setting up a film retrospective with Norwegian entities, with a contextualized programming, promoting knowledge about both territories and their respective traditions of the Sea, to be exhibited in Portugal and Norway, including 10-12 Norwegian films and 10-12 Portuguese films.
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